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White Water Wash

Hit the reset button for your vehicle with our White Water wash system. We invest in state-of-the-art technology that delivers amazing cleaning power to your vehicle. There are two key qualities that make our washing system stand out. For one, we use cleaning products designed to break down all types of debris, from dust to dirt. Next, we invest in cleaning equipment that plays the balancing act of gently and intentionally washing your vehicle. The result: you can always count on a shine that stands out.


Foamy Triple Color Polish

We use a tri-foam approach to polish your vehicle. And while it’s fun to watch the three foams, each a different color, work magic on your exterior, it’s also a key part of the car wash process! Each component plays an important role for your exterior. With our polishing system, we ensure that your vehicle shines and is well-protected. After the service, you’ll notice that beads of water roll off the exterior. And you’ll know that it’s a polishing job well done.

High Power Wheel Cleaning

Your wheels are constantly exposed to wear and tear. But it doesn’t mean that they have to look careworn. Our high power wheel cleaning service is designed to deep clean this high-traffic area. Dirt, grit, and even grease buildup are no match for our cleaning equipment. Our goal is to give your wheels a fresh start - and we’re proud to meet that goal for every tire. With technology designed to remove even the most stubborn buildup, we keep your wheels looking great and performing at their best.


White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax

Your vehicle deserves the best - and we deliver. Our White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax brings the royal treatment of waxing to your exterior, so you can command the road with confidence. Using industry-leading technology and the expertise of our technicians, we deliver that delivers the best in aesthetics and protection for your vehicle. This innovative waxing approach meets two important needs: Your vehicle will resist wear and tear from the elements and look its best for every mile it logs.

Super Shine Body Application

You want your vehicle to stand out, whether it’s sitting in your driveway or cruising down the interstate. Our Super Shine Body Application does just that. We use a special polish formulated to make your exterior look spotless, bright, and beautiful. This approach capitalizes on the unique color of your vehicle, so the finish stands out as the manufacturer intended. When we’ve completed our body application, you’re getting the benefit of a shine that lasts.


Rain Repellent Glass Wax

The Texas rainy season is real. But it doesn’t mean that your vehicle has to suffer for it. Our rain repellent glass wax system addresses all your vehicle’s windows, from the side view mirror to the back window. This protective sealant helps rain bead when it makes contact with your windows, which minimizes disruption to your driving experience and keeps your car looking its best.

High Gloss Tire Shine

Your tires get you where you need to go. But they should also look great while they make the journey. Our high gloss tire shine helps you play this balancing act. After our cleaning service, we deliver a high gloss system that will make the rubber shine. This results in a glossy look that brings out the dark finish in your tires. It doesn’t just look sharp; it means that your vehicle will command attention on the road.


Rinse & Flash Dry

After your vehicle has been treated to our white water wash, we give the exterior a thorough rinse to ensure that the exterior is completely free of soap and other debris. Finally, we deliver a flash dry that provides consistent drying power. This means that you get a spotless result without having to wait around for a long drying process. Pairing state-of-the-art technology with a carefully honed approach, we make your vehicle shine.

High Intensity Flash Dry

You live an on-the-go lifestyle. So your car cleaning service should fit into your busy schedule - and not put it on hold. That’s why we offer our high intensity flash dry service. This taps into rapid dry technology that will deliver a consistency and quality to your vehicle body. The high intensity technology means that you’re getting extreme drying power in one concentrated session - so you can get back on the road in no time.

Tomball TX Car Wash

Free Vacuums

Pets, kids, and an on-the-go lifestyle: stuff happens to your car. But it’s our job to give you a clean slate. We offer free vacuums with your wash service to ensure that your interior is debris-free and ready to impress. With top of the line vacuuming technology, we ensure that every nook and cranny gets the attention that it needs. Our 40-HP vacuums, will get your vehicle back to its “showroom-ready” look in no time.