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Terms of Service

Unlimited Speed Club Terms & Conditions

When signing up for the Unlimited Speed Club, you will agree to the following terms & conditions. 

I authorize WhiteWater Express to charge my credit card account in the amount of $___________ on a monthly basis for the ______________ plan. I understand this automatic recharge authorization will remain in effect until I cancel my monthly plan. Written notice of cancellation must be received five days before the next installment payment. I understand that WhiteWater Express may cancel or modify this plan at any time. Membership is per vehicle. Whitewater also reserves the right to cancel memberships based on customer abuse. Tampering and/or removal of RFID tags will result in cancellation of membership. Plans will automatically cancel if the monthly installment charge is declined. Circumstances may affect the availability of services including, but not limited to, equipment failure, inclement weather, and closed holidays. Membership is for unlimited washes, if washing more than once a day management will need to override. I understand that monthly rates may increase. A 30 day notice will be given prior to any rate increase.

Your Free Gift!

Did Someone Say Free Gift?

Free Gift When You Sign Up For Our Unlimited Speed Club

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What To Expect At WhiteWater Express

  • Free Vacuums

    Always Free Vacuums

    Our vacuums are always FREE! 40 horsepower, the very best!

  • airguns

    Air Guns

    We provide complimentary air guns for cleaning and drying needs, conveniently located at each stall.

  • brush

    FREE Wet or Dry Mat Cleaning Machine

    Shampoo or dry clean your mats. Fast, easy, and best of all, FREE!

  • equipment

    Innovative Equipment & Facilities

    The most state-of-the-art car wash equipment to care for your vehicle.

  • vending

    Vending Machines

    Vending machines located at every car wash.

  • towels

    Complimentary Towel Exchange

    Towels on-site for you to use and return at no charge.

  • staff

    Friendly & Professional Staff

    Our knowledgeable staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience.

  • unlimited

    Join Our Unlimited Speed Club

    Wash your car as many times you would like at any of our locations. Membership is vehicle specific.

  • rain

    Rain Check

    3 Day Rain Check available with the purchase of our White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wash.

  • charity

    Charity Car Wash

    Programs available to 501(c) organizations.